Welcome to my jewelry site with designs for femme and feline!
Under Construction!

Jewelry Update:

I am so sorry I have not ran an update here for so long! 

I hope to re-open my Etsyi site shortly after Christmas! I was hoping to have it open before the Holidays, but they just snuck up on me so fast! I have some really beautiful pieces I am so excited to put up on the site! They run the gammut from casual to dressy and I hope there is something you will like! I think there is something for everyone! I have a new camcorder with  a HD camera built-in, so we will see what kind of photos it can take! I hope it can do them justice!

Of course a link will be available here as soon I have the site up and running!

Just A Note Or Two:

Yahoo! 360 is gone and is but a memory. So don't look for it. Yahoo! shut it down for some reason. SOOO... I will be starting a blog on this site shortly, so check back soon!